Woodstock Map

PARTNER has designed and rigged a Community Information Map for the Woodstock Train Station. The sign aims to encourage Metrorail and government to do what most cities around the world do — mark locations of interest on a map for those arriving at train stations.

PARTNER developed a functional sign that is inexpensive and can be easily seen when getting off the Woodstock Station. PARTNER intends to demonstrate that such signage which assists commuters and promotes safety, tourism and economic development can be done affordably at any train station in the city or country.  Click to read more.


The Breakfast Club — this is a partnership making forum that brings together key stakeholder on a common topic and provides a forum for networking and sharing ideas.

Community-Based Crime Prevention — efforts to help communities partner against crime.

Violence Against Women - efforts to reduce and prevent violence against women.

Violence Prevention Through Upgrading Urban Environments.  Our current project deals with Community Safety and Upgrading Urban Environments:

The Breakfast Club:

The Breakfast Club brings together stakeholders from various government departments and civil society organisations concerned with particular social challenges. A presentation is made on some ideas for innovative practice relevant to the topic, discussion follows and then both the data and the responses are summarised into a ‘Breakfast Briefing’ for distribution to participants. In this process an opportunity for partnership building on specific social problems is created.

PARTNER develops research and advocacy documents based on original research into particular social problems and innovative practices from around the world. The data is compared to the South African situation and also discussed during Breakfast Briefings and then refined into documents for information sharing. These documents are distributed in both hard copy and electronic form to develop a library of information on innovative practices in co-operative governance.


To download the paper from our latest Breakfast Briefings click below